Andreas Goldthau

Journal articles

The G20 must govern the shift to low-carbon energy. Nature. 2017. 546, 203-205.

Energy technology, politics, and interpretative frames: The case of shale gas fracking in Eastern Europe. Global Environmental Politics. 2016, 16 (4), 50-69 (with Benjamin Sovacool).

The power of policy regimes. Explaining shale gas policy divergence in Bulgaria and Poland. Review of Policy Research. 2016, 33 (6), 603–622 (with Michael LaBelle).

Conceptualizing the above ground factors in shale gas. Toward a research agenda on regulatory governance. Energy Research and Social Science. 20 2016, 73–81.

Energy and moral judgment: Energy decisions reframed as justice and ethical concerns. Nature Energy. 2016 1 (May), 16024 (with Benjamin Sovacool, Raphael Heffron and Darren McCauley).

Marktorientiert, sicher, nachhaltig. Die G7 kann und sollte aktiv zu einer globalen Energieordnung beitragen. Internationale Politik, Juli/ August 2015 110-115 (co-authored with Kirsten Westphal).

Soft power with a hard edge: EU policy tools and energy security. Review of International Political Economy. 2015 (co-authored with Nick Sitter). DOI: 10.1080/09692290.2015.1008547

A liberal actor in a realist world? The Commission and the external dimension of the single market for energy. Journal of European Public Policy, 21 (10) 2014, 1452-1472 (co-authored with Nick Sitter).

Rethinking the governance of energy infrastructure: scale, decentralization and polycentrism. Energy Research and Social Science. 1 (1) 2014, 134-140.

Escaping the valley of death? Comparing shale gas technology policy prospects to nuclear and solar in Europe. Journal of World Energy Law and Business, 7 (2) 2014, 93-111 (co-authored with Mike LaBelle).

From the state to the market and back. Policy implications of changing energy paradigms. Global Policy, 3 (2) 2012, 198-210.

A Public Policy Perspective on Global Energy Security. International Studies Perspectives 12 (4), 2012, 65-84.

The uniqueness of the energy security, justice, and governance problem. Energy Policy, (41) 2012, 232–240 (co-authored with Benjamin Sovacool).

Assessing OPEC’s Performance in Global EnergyGlobal Policy, September 2011, pp 31-39 (co-authored with Jan Martin Witte).

Governing Global Energy: Existing Approaches and Discourses. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 3 (4) 2011, 213–217

Governing global energy. Systems, transitions, complexity. Global Policy 2 (1), 2011, 75-88 (co-authored with Aleh Cherp and Jessica Jewell).

Back to the future or forward to the past? Strengthening markets and rules for effective global energy governance. International Affairs 85 (2), 2009, 373-390 (co-authored with Jan Martin Witte).

Resurgent Russia? Rethinking Energy Inc.. Policy Review (147)February/ March, 2008, 53-63.

Rhetoric versus reality. Russian threats to European energy supply. Energy Policy (36) 2008, 686-692.

Global Energy Governance. Internationale Politik (April), 2008, 46-54.

Divided over Iraq, united over Iran. A rational choice explanation to European irrationalities. European Political Economy Review (8) 2008, 39-66.

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