Andreas Goldthau

Monographs and edited volumes

Handbook of Global Energy Policy, Wiley Blackwell, London, 568 pages.

Policy agendas for the future of global energy. Special edited section of Global Policy, 3 (2) 2012, 182-210.

Dynamics of Energy Governance in Europe and Russia. Co-edited with Caroline Kuzemko, Andrei V. Belyi and Michael F. Keating. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

Global Energy Governance. The new rules of the game. Co-edited with Jan Martin Witte. Washington DC: Brookings Press, 2010.

Die OPEC. Macht und Ohnmacht des Oelkartells. Muenchen: Hanser, 2009.

Imported oil and US national security. Washington DC: RAND, 2009.

Domestic trends in the United States, China and Iran. Washington DC: RAND, 2008.

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