Andreas Goldthau

Addressing Carbon Emissions and Oil Price Volatility. Challenges and Opportunities for Transatlantic Energy Cooperation.

Transatlantic Agenda Paper, Global Public Policy institute and Brookings, February 2012.


The common dependency on energy, shared by societies around the world, entails policy challenges of global nature and scope. From dealing with the negative externalities of greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to dwindling low-cost reserves of fossil fuels in the context of massively rising demand driven by major emerging economies such as China and India, energy poses challenges that transcend national borders, involve both the public and private sectors and cannot be meaningfully addressed at national or regional levels.

This report addresses transatlantic commonalities and dividing lines in two key energy issue areas: mitigating carbon emissions and governing the global oil market. These issue areas are highly intertwined and a prerequisite for mitigating carbon emissions consists of stable prices of oil, the prime energy commodity. This report sketches opportunities and constraints for the transatlantic alliance in exerting leadership on these issues. Read the report.

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